Medway Crematorium

Medway Crematorium

If you are going to Medway Crematorium, and need to see it on a google map click here:- Crematorium map

The Medway Crematorium has served the people of Medway and the surrounding areas since 1959. The Medway Council is committed to maintaining and improving the facilities to make sure they benefit everyone who visits.

The crematorium covers 14 acres and is a mix of woodland, shrub beds, formal planting and grass. The grounds are full of stately trees.

These are the views that everyone will have had at Medway Crematorium. Mind you when you are there for real, you sometimes don’t get the chance to see it properly.

There are two Chapels, and they are a mirror image of each other. One is decorated blue where this one is pink.

These are the views that everyone will have had at Medway Crematorium, and these pictures are of the new chapels. One chapel has the extension to the left as you enter, and the other has it to the right as you enter. So the photo below is the right hand chapel, with the extension to the right.

Medway Crematorium East Chapel

Medway Crematorium Seating from left corner

You will notice the seats are very comfortable, and are in rows of four immediately in front of the minister or celebrant. Only four can sit together in the front row of seats. You can use both sides if it is important that several people sit at the front. And you will see the front row on the “non minister” side, goes from four seats to ten seats long as the rows go back! Bit weird until you get used to it, but with the large window at the back, there is a lot of light flooding in and it does feel very much better than the old arrangement. Well done to the architect. The picture below looks into the new extension form the front of the chapel.

Medway Crematorium - Family Funeral Service Maidstone

This picture below shows the view looking forward from the back of the new extension, and you can see that the view of the proceedings is clear. This also gives you an idea of just how much bigger the chapel is now.

Medway Crematorium Seating from Rear

This picture below gives an excellent view of the Chapel looking from the organ loft. The lectern is where the minister or celebrant will lead the service from, and where you will stand if you are to speak.

Medway Crematorium Seating fromabove

In the picture below you can see where the organist perches, though normally you would never see him or her. this is the view from the lectern. Hymns are all played via an online system, so no cd;s required thank you. Just title and artiste, and we’ll do the rest.

Medway Crematorium Seating from lectern - Family Funeral Service

All together then new arrangement at Medway Crematorium is so much better than before. Thanks again to the management for their kind permission to take these shots early one morning. And to Craig for getting up extra early to get them for me.