Garden of England Crematorium

Wow, if its ok to say that. Now this is what a good crematorium design looks like.

Bobbing Crematorium Sittingbourne The Garden of England

Its a very peaceful place. Not like most crematoria in the area. Of course all the others will say they have the advantage of coming last! And yes it is the last one to be built in the area, although I have recently heard of another going through planning stages in Gravesend.

Garden of England Crematorium, Bobbing, is a very “nice” place to have the funeral service. The following interior pictures will show you what I mean.

Sittingbourne Crematorium

I love the large open windows all along the left hand side. The large chapel seats 100 mourners, and the times are only every hour. Plenty of time to give a really fitting and full tribute to your loved one. Comfortable individual seating. Central catafalque (I personally don’t like the ones “offset” to left or right)

Garden of England Crematorium

These are your family seats, and they are in rows of six, all the way to the back wall. Its a very comfortable, and very peaceful place as you can see.  Also in this picture you can see the lectern is slightly raised, which makes it much easier for everyone right at the back to see and hear whats being said. By the way, the windows look onto a private garden area, and nobody will be wandering around during the service.

Bobbing Crematorium Sittingbourne

A couple of other views for you…

Bobbing Crematorium Sittingbourne

Garden of England Crematorium Sittingbourne

100 seats, and plenty of room for standing behind these, plus an anti room where another 50 people may stand although their view will be restricted.

This is the waiting room, its quite large and access is directly across into the chapel through the far doors. There are toilets off this area too.

This is where we will arrive with you following, unless you elect to use your own cars in which case you will be in the large car park.

The portico where we will gather before entering the chapel.

Garden of England Crematorium The gardens

The gardens are already becoming nicely established, and given a few more years it will clearly be a very beautiful, and peaceful garden area.

It is easy to see why families like this venue. Its a very lovely place, large, quiet, easy access. All the usual facilities, only bigger!

I am very grateful to the staff and management of the crematorium for their kind permission to take these photos. (opps sorry Craig took the photos, thanks Craig, excellent as usual!) I must ask how he gets such lovely shots. The fountain looks amazing.