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This was a lovely family that Emma helped recently. Very nice and easy to talk to so Emma said.

Wald 17 Dec


Les, who works at the Strood office, has received this letter, and card, from a family he recently assisted.

Scan 1309

Scan 1309

Les told me that Grace was a most lovely lady, clearly having the most difficult time of her life. Les told me he felt it was truly an honor to be able to help the family. Les won’t mind me saying that he is new to this work. We are luck to have another caring person on the staff, and Les is already asking about future training! Calm Les, everything in its own time. He has found his niche.

This next one made me smile. Its to Emma, but I get a mention too!

And another for the butterfly Emma!

For those of you who have met our Emma, you will know this card is very appropriate! Our Emma loves her butterflies.


This lady lost her husband, and she was so gentle to be with. Truly an honour for us to help her and the family. They had a lovely Civil Celebrant too.

These were nice people. So kind of them to take the trouble to sit and write this after everything.  Thank you so much.


And another for Sarah, another lovely family. Sarah said she was a lovely lady too.

This is an old one, which has just surfaced in the office. Nice one for Charlie, and nice to see they like Jonathan Blake. He’s a one off that’s for sure.


This was one for Sarah. Another lovely family who were very happy with everything Sarah did. Well done Sarah. So lovely to read such kind comments.



This was another one for Emma, its funny because she never shows them to me and I asked her why. “I might think she is being big headed” was the answer. Silly girl, I know that already! Anyway, this is another letter for her. They even asked her to thank the driver staff too. How lovely, considering they were in the middle of such a difficult time.

The following card came after a family went into the office in Walderslade, and Emma took over. (their words) Emma loves to help, a bit like a puppy dog really. (she will probably never speak to me again for that comment) She loves to please people and if you give her a challenge, she likes it even more. Well done Emma, this is a really lovely letter. Recently a very young lady came to see me at the Strood office. She was in the middle of a really difficult time (hopelessly inadequate words Michael). Childhood sweethearts. Only married a few years. Very young daughter. And a husband who went to work, but never made it home that day. Bless you Jo. You certainly were touched by an amazing calmness. It was a true wonder to see, I really feel Ed was with you all the time. Certainly showed this old funeral director a thing or three about calmness and control. Ed certainly was a lucky man. I was greatly touched that you asked me to give Ed’s service that day. It was an honour for me to help you and the family. I wish you peace my friend. Just this month a local care home called with a death where there were no relatives. It was a shame as the lady was quite elderly, and after talking with the staff at the home it transpired that she had had a very full life. A lot of sadness in it, but she had remained quite a force to be reckoned with at the home where she had been for around 10 years. It was agreed that the staff would give the service, with a bit of encouragement and support from us. They did a great job. they all wore pink, and it was only staff from the home who attended.   More and more people are using the email for everything these days and Sarah, who keeps an eagle eye on these things for us, sent me this one, which is rather lovely. Dear Sarah, Many thanks for your letter dated 23rd July regarding donations made to the British Heart Foundation…….. Whilst writing, I can confirm that I’ll shortly complete the feedback questionnaire requested by Michael Lawrence. In the meantime, and long overdue (apologies), here’s my view of your service which you may (or may not) consider suitable to post on your website…. When you lose a loved one choosing a funeral director can be a bit confusing, and upsetting, particularly with everything else that’s going on at that time.  At first glance, they all seem to offer the same service.  But do they?   Before deciding on who to appoint I suggest you telephone a few to get an idea on the options available and compare costs.  I did exactly that and from the recent experience of arranging my Mum’s funeral, I would recommend that you look no further than Medway Funeral Directors.  I used their Strood branch on Frindsbury Hill and they were absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Nothing was too much trouble for them.  They went through the arrangements in a kind, caring, yet very professional manner. The questions they asked me were posed delicately, suggestions were made, not forced through.  Everything was arranged at my pace and, as important, were communicated to me promptly so I always knew what was happening.  From the date & time of the funeral, the appointment of the vicar (or life celebrant in our case), the Order of Service cards, liaising with the crematorium (including communicating the songs chosen for the service), arranging an appointment for me with the Registrar, you name it, Medway Funeral Directors dealt with it.    Small touches, such as the pall-bearers wearing cravats in your loved one’s favourite colour for the funeral, made all the difference. So a big thank you goes to Sarah, Charlie, and all the staff at Medway Funeral Directors.  You made a difficult occasion so much more bearable… Kind regards, Charlie. Thank you Charlie, that is a particularly nice thank you. Of course as always, these are available in the office for inspection, should you wish.   Another family at the Strood office, sent this. Interesting with the viewpoint of a person in a wheelchair. I was lucky to see this family myself, and there were quite a number of them. They were keen to have things just right, and on this occasion we had a Life Celebrant, family bearer party, and a very fitting funeral service. This was a family who came into the Strood office. Mr Johnson, from Strood, sent this card after the loss of his wife. We were very pleased to have helped him. There was a nice church service on the day. A very lovely funeral. Emma has another one! I cant keep up with this girl. Must show her how to use the scanner. Although I don’t always get it right myself. I think the card says it all. You can almost feel the energy coming from the card! On behalf of Emma, I thank you. Hmmm. We do get lovely letters, but this family have started a new trend. To be honest, the letters are wonderful, and they do look lovely when other families come into the office to start their journey with us. However, the idea of cakes arriving has rather whetted the apatite for more! And of course we share them out amongst all the staff. This kind family brought in two boxes of cakes!!! Matthew took one box all to himself. Greedy great lanky thing. And Sarah ate all the rest. I never got a look in, honest. This one was received recently at the Strood office and it has taken me a few days to get it onto the website. They were a really nice family to deal with. Nice and flowery said Sarah! (Wonder what she means). Mind you, Mrs M (the widow) was very sweet on the day of the funeral. She was so worried about everyone else. Thank you for the card. Ah ha. One of mine. At last! I met this family at the request of Emma in the office at Walderslade. They wanted something different. Non religious, in accordance with Brian’s life style. Lesley, I would like to say a very big thank you. I may have helped you, on the day, but then I only said what you told me. You have been extremely kind to me since, and I am so grateful to you for the kindness and concern you have showed to me. I wish you peace and happiness my friend x. Michael How lovely is that. Thank you again Lesley. Ah, now this one is interesting. The new chap Les, at Walderslade, has his first thank you letter. He was so excited to show me when I went there today. And, I have to say its a very nice letter. Gold starts and butterflies too Les. Well done! You know we will all be waiting for the next one now.   Oh look, another one. I got a mention this time even though Emma did all the work. Matthew gets a mention too. But I will put the marker pen over his name next time. I am the boss so I can do that sort of thing. The lovely Emma has received the following letter after a funeral on 10th April 2013. How wonderful and Emma told me this one made her cry! This was received on 11th March 2013. It has to be one of the nicest letters I have ever seen. I am very proud of Emma at Walderslade for all the effort she has puts into her work in general, and this family just “clicked” with her. I did scan those two parts at the same time, and for the life of me, I can’t work out why one is so different from the other!  I must find a four year old and get them to show me how to use the scanner properly. A recent comment emailed from a family member reads: From start to finish the service has been professional and no point, however small overlooked. I would like to thank Emma, Peter, Paul, and all of the team for the impeccable service provided. MFD are understanding that it is a difficult time, and made the process straight forward, whilst remaining bespoke and personal to our father. Thanks Bill   This was from a lovely family who we help recently. They very kindly sent us this card.   This family were kind enough to recognise that what happens here is all as a result of teamwork. Thank you very much. We will send you a memorial card, sometime after the funeral. Its a free service and is a very simple gesture. Once you have it, call in for more if you wish. Your comfort is very important and we take care to ensure you are as comfortable as possible at all stages. Tea and coffee is always available, and you can pop in for one at any time.