Rochester office contact details


Medway Funeral Directors


108 Frindsbury Road (opposite the Tesco express)
Strood. Rochester
Kent ME2 4JB

Tel: 01634 932220 or

For your convenience, we are also at

303 Walderslade Road
Chatham ME5 0UN

01634 932224 or

At this office we also have a car park for your convenience. Just drive round the back of the office and you’ll find the space marked “visitor”. This next bit may sound a bit rude, but its not meant to so please forgive me. If you do drive round to the space marked VISITOR, could you beware of a member of my staff called Rob. He won’t bite but is a little hard of hearing, and as such may well not hear you drive up behind him. Thank you.

You can go to either office and information will be passed back to where the funeral is arranged.

Tell Colin that you are coming and he will have the coffee ready!