All Saints Church Frindsbury

Welcome to All Saint’s Church Frindsbury. If you have never been inside, you’re in for a treat. This is a very pretty church. If you scroll up and look at the roof, its amazing. The whole place oozes atmosphere, history and character.

The first picture. It quite takes your breath away. HE was shining down this day that’s for sure!

This is the main entrance and very lovely it looks too. I have carried out some interesting funerals here, and the space and relaxed timings are very helpful to families.

This is a truly ancient building, and you will feel the atmosphere as you enter through these doors.

This first picture is the view down the aisle as you enter the main doors. Its a truly beautiful church, and its such a shame not to use it. The Vicar, is a nice chap, and he will not say you can’t use it for the service if he doesn’t know you. Its a large, quiet and very moving place for a funeral service. Remember nobody will be waiting for the “next one”. You get the place to yourself. Plenty of space to seat everyone. Plenty of time to give a full and fitting tribute to your loved one. Its a nice place to come out of too, then thank everyone for coming before we go to the crematorium or in some circumstances, even round to the churchyard.

If we are going to the churchyard, we usually exit from this doorway, as it is a little closer to the burial area.

In this picture you can see keyboards and speakers off to the right. This is a very up to date church. fully equipped for the service you want to give, but can’t manage at the crematorium chapel.

In the above picture you can see the lectern, which is where the Vicar will give the service from. It is also where you, and other mourners may stand to give your family/friend/football mate speech from.

Yes, you can!

This picture above, shows where you and close family will be seated. The pews take a comfortable 10 people, and remember you go into the pew last, not first!

Have everyone seated before you arrive. Then you and your loved one enter just before the service starts. This way they wait for you, not you waiting for them. This venue could easily accommodate 250 mourners. Also, there is an excellent church hall a few yards from the front door where everyone can wait for your return from the crematorium.

The Vicar is Nicholas Coper and he arrived during 2016. He has settled in well and is a really nice chap, who will help you create a fitting service. You can call him directly, or when you come in to make arrangements, we will call him for you.

Have a think about the Church Hall for the reception, get a catering company in, and remember that everyone will already be parked etc., so this is an ideal venue. It might be useful to delegate a junior family member to go with other mourners to the reception. That person can “hold the fort” until your return from the crematorium. Or even until you return from the graveside, because it might be nice to do that party as a more intimate service just for you.