Disclosure of Interest

Hello and thank you for visiting this page. This page is included as a legal requirement for all Funeral Service providers. It will help you identify those Funeral Directors who are part of large concerns but hide behind local names. It will also help you identify those who have ownership of or financial interest in the price comparison website you have used! And it will tell you who pays what to anyone, in the hope of affecting recommendations to particular Funeral Directors.

Long winded way of saying, it’s here to inform you.

Ultimate Owner

Family Funeral Service, belongs wholly and completely to Michael Lawrence. I am the sole shareholder, and you will find me mostly at the Bearsted office if you would like to see me.

Any business or material financial interest the Funeral Director has in a price comparison website which compares Funeral Director Services and/or Crematoria Services and their respective prices.

I have no business or material interest in any price comparison website!

Register of providing charitable or other donations.

I have given donations towards church Christmas events, a couple of Scout Groups and a junior football club over recent years. None of these donations are in the regulated period, so they don’t require listing here. Whether they will want to accept donations from me in the future is a moot point, because I will have to display such gifts here. Might put people/organisations off but we will have to wait and see.