Funeral Directors Code

The National Association of Funeral Directors have established a new Funeral Directors Code. This Code replaces the previous Code Of Practice. The  Code will enforce quality standards and eliminate poor quality providers. Additionally, it sets out the high standard of service that bereaved families may expect in their dealings with a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors. It includes key requirements in respect of the funeral director’s professional conduct, but importantly it covers the “back room facilities” that we are required to provide.

What will this achieve?

Great strides forward have been implemented in this new code, for example. Its enforcement across the industry will drive out those who take our work lightly. For professional “four decades of service” Funeral Directors like me, I can’t wait to eliminate these charlatans. They prey on you! Yes, I am sorry to say they really do prey on you the bereaved because you don’t see what they do behind the scenes with your loved one.

The hope is that following the recent CMA investigation into the industry, we will see the CMA adopt this. The new Funeral Directors Code will enforce quality standards.  And eliminate poor quality providers as an industry standard. Enforcing it across the whole industry, along with licensing premises too. Lets hope so. I have six months to comply with all the requirements, along with everyone else and we at Family Funeral Service are already well equipped to comply.

The new Code also deals with advertising and marketing, price information, estimates, final accounts and publicity.

Funeral Directors Code

Full details are available in a pdf of the Funeral Directors Code and you can view or download from the highlighted text. Or if you like we will send you a copy or, pop in and have a coffee, and we will give you this and other leaflets that we keep in the office.