Funeral vehicles, love them or hate them

Another new fleet for Medway Funeral Directors

The staff at Medway Funeral Directors are really pleased (to say the very least!) to welcome into the garages, our newest fleet of hearse and limousine. This time we have gone green. Not the colour!  These are hybrid vehicles, and they are in graphite grey in a break from our usual Masons Black. They are super quiet and super comfortable too. We think you will like them.

Of course Lee has to get his face in the action somewhere!


New funeral vehicles

It’s a few months on from delivery of the new funeral vehicles. Everyone is getting used to driving the hearse and limousine now. So I decided to go to the garages and workshop facility and watch while Ted puts the new hearse away. I can tell you he wasn’t keen on me standing there taking pictures. But I am the boss and I have certain privileges!


March 2019 New arrivals!

On March 6th 2019, we had our brand new vehicles delivered to the office in Bearsted. It may seem rather sad but these are my first new vehicles since my father bought a new Hearse and Limousine.

Now here I am doing the same. These lovely new funeral vehicles will enable us to continue to provide the highest quality service and facilities to our clients. The new vehicles are in addition to the existing two hearses. More and more clients are asking us to  undertake new and sometimes unusual funeral arrangements and we have responded at every turn, with encouragement and support.



vehicle transporter

It’s interesting to look at these pictures. In this following one, everyone seems to be here having a good look. Right you lot get back to work!

workers not working!

OK. Please remember that some people like to do their own thing where it comes to funeral vehicles. So the motorbike hearse would appeal to some and not others. Horses for courses and yes we do have them too!

The second fleet of Volvo hearse and limousines

This is now the second fleet of Volvo hearse and limousines we use, of which we are still very proud.  All of our funeral service vehicles are black coachwork. They are now with consecutive number plates and are all seat belted and six doors, leather trimmed, and air-conditioned for your comfort.

New volvo hearse
highly polished modern funeral vehicles


New hearse 2

The limousine below is one of two identical vehicles. The staff love these Volvos and they were particularly good in the snow this year.  That’s not saying we want any more.

volvo vehicles

The staff told me they wanted to put carpet down for the vehicles to park on. Carpet! Obviously they listened to me and decided to take no notice and get some carpet to park the vehicles on anyway. They probably think it was easier in those days but I can tell you it was pretty cold mucking out the horses and carpet would definitely have been a no no.

Volvo limousine
We use these lovely Volvos, and these ones are kept at the Walderslade garage, however we do have another fleet which are usually kept in Maidstone. We can also get a pink hearse if you are really er, mad, or you really like pink!

Horse drawn hearse

To be honest, this is a very peaceful way to travel. But not too far, and pray for dry weather!

Pete has been doing this work for many years, and I like the way he does things. There are others around but this needs to be a professional experienced company. Not someone who just takes it up for fun! We use a very professional company, fully insured, trained and yes we do check them out fully.

historic funeral vehicles


Following an unhappy experience, which fortunately fell to me to deal with, I have advised all staff that they can only use horse drawn funeral vehicles that are approved by me. There are two such approved companies.

Classic funeral vehicles

Just recently in October 2015, a lovely family had a pretty terrible situation to deal with. Very fortunately they were a very strong family unit. One thing they did want was a Vintage Rolls Royce hearse. The company has other vehicles available to hire and you can view their fleet here

So we arranged to bring in this beautiful old lady. At almost 80 years old she was pretty amazing.

Vintage Rolls hearse 4
vintage funeral vehicles are available

This was a very elegant way to travel and it suited this family beautifully. You know who you are. You were an amazing family to deal with. I, and all the staff wish you well as you make your way forward in life.

Vintage Rolls hearse 3

I am trying to get the co-operation of a company that supply London buses to various events, to have one that we could use. Imagine everyone going together to the funeral! It could be very intimate with just the family, or more “celebratory” with lots of people invited, and remember they seat around 50 people too. I will add more when I find one that says yes.

Struggling to find one in the south of England. If you know of one, please let me know.

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