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Hello and welcome to our website and funeral home.

Michael Lawrence Funeral DirectorHello and welcome to our website. My name is Michael Lawrence and together with funeral directors Emma and Colin we operate Medway Funeral Directors. Together we have decades of experience and we like to think we provide excellent levels of service.

The offices are in Chatham and Strood.

Over 40 years experience

I am very proud to be a second generation Funeral Director and have been serving the families of Maidstone and the local villages for over 40 years. Having written that I now feel really old! However, with all the knowledge and experience of a second generation, family owned business we know how to concentrate on caring for your needs with commitment and understanding.

We have a funeral home in Strood and Walderslade for your convenience. You will find my colleague Colin Randall as the funeral director at the Strood office. Emma Goble is your funeral director at the office in Walderslade. It is my privilege to work with two such highly motivated and caring people. You will find them completely at your disposal, and completely committed to providing the best personal service to you and your family at your time of need.

To be honest Emma doesn’t tell me when a family are coming in. She then gets to see everyone and now conducts all the funerals from Walderslade. If you feel the need to deal with a lady funeral director, and want to see her all the way through the arrangements, just tell her. On the other hand, I like to think that after 40 years I do know something about it. Even if Emma thinks she knows it all! But then she is young, and youngsters do think like that don’t they. But tell her if you’d like me to be there on the day, and I’ll be proud to help you.

Colin at Strood is a very lovely chap. Thoroughly experienced and recently qualified with his Dip FAA, nobody is better equipped to help you in this area.

Medway Funeral Directors Serving the local community

Medway Funeral Directors as a company, has been serving the local families, with pride for the past 38 years. The funeral home in Strood has recently been the subject of a full refurbishment. Its facilities and services now stand at the peak of industry standards. Likewise Walderslade funeral home has been completely refitted and is now ready to provide its facilities to you and your families. As experienced Funeral Directors we know how to concentrate on caring for your needs with commitment and understanding. This means you can leave us to get the details right to the highest standards, and naturally – we’re proud members of the ‘National Association of Funeral Directors’

We gladly offer a 24 hour personal service, and you can contact Colin, Emma and myself by calling:

01634 932220 for Strood or 01634 932224 for Walderslade.

With our experience of making funeral arrangements in the Medway Towns we have learnt how to help families have their own unique service. This personalised approach supports our clients through their process of bereavement, no two families are ever the same.

Each funeral should be like that individual, unique in both concept and creation, from the traditional to the contemporary, or indeed a unique blend of both.

Please remember to navigate to the other pages on this website where you should find all the information you need regarding our services. We have included maps showing how to find us, and when you visit, we offer a warm welcome and gentle guidance. We have tea and coffee almost on tap. We’re easy to find, but if it’s difficult for you to visit, then let us know and we’ll visit you at your convenience.

We, like other funeral directors, take an on account payment. This will be £2000.00 and enables us to begin proceedings quickly and effectively getting your requirements booked and confirmed to you. You will be given to opportunity to pay by a variety of methods, however I must tell you that nothing will begin until this payment has been received.

If you end up looking at the coffins, I have to tell you we only stock the Chiltern coffin. If you want something more expensive we will happily get it for you, but think carefully, we would rather you sent the extra to the charity of your choice.veneered oak coffin

If you end up looking at the pictures of us in the “our funeral directors and staff” page, please forgive us. The only half decent photo is of me of course!

We offer a home visit. We give dignified personal service. Just what you need I think.

Thank you for visiting,

Michael Lawrence
Managing Director