Coffin and Casket selection

Coffin casket and headstone selection

Carved Lion on Nabresina and veneered coffins Rochester
This is the page everyone is fascinated by. To be quite honest, use a traditional style coffin, like the Chiltern you will see here.  Its a dignified coffin, real oak veneer, give the rest to the charity.

There I have said it and all my Funeral Director friends and foes will be sucking the air through their teeth. We don’t encourage you to buy “upmarket” coffins. Coffin selection will form an important part of your arrangement interview with some larger companies! We prefer to have another cup of coffee and put your mind at rest that this is an unnecessary added expense for you at this time. Lets face it you are at a very low point. You could be swayed by the funeral arranger into buying something you don’t need. We do NOT pay commission to the staff for “selling” upmarket coffins. There are plenty of funeral directors who do.



Chiltern oak veneer


If we have, or come to think of even if we have not, been able to assist you with a burial, we will be very happy to continue that assistance and go on to provide you with your headstone or other monumental masonry requirements. More blurb on that page.