Charing Crematorium

These pages are here to help  you select the right venue for the funeral service. We will of course be happy to discuss your requirements with you, however you may find it helpful to review these pictures and their descriptions at your convenience.

This is the Chapel at Charing Crematorium, Charing.

Not so very long ago we used to go here all the time. I can remember many many journeys along the A20. When I started as a lad, I used to think this was a great journey. Remember this was the first crematorium in the county. The grounds here are very beautiful, especially as you enter the main gates and drive towards the chapel. It has changed hands recently so we hope to see improvements soon.

This is the only crematorium for quite some distance where the catafalque actually moves. As at Tonbridge Wells Crematorium this one lowers the coffin when required, or curtains will close, or of course nothing will happen if you prefer. The Vicar or Life Celebrant operates the curtains from a secret button.

This is a classic crematorium chapel from the mid 1930’s when Charing Crematorium  was built. It was amongst the first 50 crematoria to be built in Great Britain. In 1944 it made history by taking the cremation of the then Archbishop of Canterbury. He was the first Primate of All England to be cremated. This act is widely seen as paving the way towards acceptance in the Church of cremation.

We leave by the door over at the front on the right hand side.

Charing has a very good balcony where another 20-30 mourners can quite easily see the proceedings.

Another thing that Charing has that doesn’t exist anywhere else is a Columbarium. (Interestingly my computer doesn’t know how to spell this word) It is a very rare facility and I must say, very beautiful too. Ask me to show you if we go there for your family.