Funeral music

Its true that music is playing a greater and greater part in most funerals these days, and frequently families will reserve additional time at the crematorium chapel to accommodate this, and the family tributes or Eulogy, which are the real “grit” of the funeral for many people these days. The Minister will do it for you if you can’t do it, but do try, you’ll never get this chance again.

Call me to chat about what can make the funeral you are planning, really fitting!

Below are the music libraries for Medway Crematorium, and Vinters Park Crematorium. Both crematoria use the same system, and as Medway Crematorium has been using this system for many years, their list is twice as long as that at Vinters Park and may be better able to indicate just how good this system is. Anything on the Medway list can be requested at Vinters and vice versa.

No more CD’s! How clever is that.

Medway Crematorium general library 01/06/12

Vinters Park Crematorium general library 01/06/12

There are libraries of recorded hymns, but, call me old fashioned if you want (but I hope you won’t) however I think if you want to sing a hymn, then live music is a must, and the organists charge around £40.00 for the duration, which is reasonable I think. Singing to a CD is never the same. I (not personally) can help you sing a hymn, if you are all alone in the chapel. Ask me about my trade secret, which I have used several times every year for some time. And very sweet they are too. And they will help you in any local church too.

For those of you who wish, you may view the music booking service at however if you do book anything, please ask that confirmation is sent to us too.