Removal ambulances.

It may sound odd to some people. But we do need more than one of these vehicles. I should add that the vehicle on the right of the picture, is now the vehicle used by Dave, the company handyman. The others have professionally built stainless steel electric decks inside. These vehicles are only used for this sole purpose.

A new hearse joins the fleet.

In our drive (excuse the pun) towards operating at a net zero level (a long way off), we have just acquired a new hearse and limousine and they are hybrid vehicles. Our first.The staff are very excited. Slightly odd paging down the road when you can’t hear if the vehicle is behind you! 

A new ambulance arrives.

We needed to replace the older ambulance that has covered over 100,000 miles! Amazingly. So the older vehicle was passed down to the handyman for his paints and ladders.

New Ambulance arrives

Emma, the Funeral Director at Walderslade

With more 5* google reviews than anyone else on the team, or locally. Emma is a very popular Funeral Director.

A new member of staff.

We have recently been joined by the very lovely and helpful Karan. She is another like Emma, very keen to help with any requirement you may have. Following a long period of training and observing, (because you lean a lot from just watching sometimes) Karan is now the Funeral Director at the Bearsted office. A bit of a tidy person, so don’t mess with the pens! Or better still please do…….

Hurrah! New vehicles at last.

I can’t tell you how excited everyone is to see the brand new hearse and limousine arrive. I managed to get a picture of Ted backing the new hearse into the garage. He really didn’t want me to take this picture! But I’m mean like that.

New hearse at Walderslade

A new chap has arrived

Just recently we were lucky to have been joined by Andy. Ex forces chap and very hands on. Just point and click, so he says!

Andy hard at work

Handy Staff!

There are times when a man with a tin of black paint, is just what the doctor ordered. A stone chip always shows through white. Why don’t they use black primer? Anyway Phil got out his box of tricks and managed to touch in the stone chip. Thank you Phil.

Faithful Phil

And just for authenticity, he managed to get some on his hand too.


From North of the Border

Now recently we were instructed by another lovely family. the gentleman was a true Scot. So of course we had to have bagpipes!. The piper played as I walked to the house, and then again as we came back. Then he played again after the service and walked around the outside of the Church.

Now Greg is a great chap and he will happily talk to you directly and his number is 07590 388801 I am sure he will be happy to do other work that you may have too. He has full Highland Dress, or this Day Wear. Full Highland Dress is a bit more expensive.

Handle posy

Coffins are never very nice things to look at, so we have developed a handle posy, which fits snugly into the handles around to coffin. They look very effective, and are a simple but effective way for younger family members to be significantly involved with the funeral. We have them made to match the coffin spray, which is on top of the coffin. I must add some more pictures to help you.

Colours and sizes can vary, as can the colour of the ribbon. and of course each child can write their own tribute card to be attached to their posy.


And the pets came to the gallery

They say stranger things happen at sea, and I suppose they may well do. However in this case the family got the bit well and truly between their teeth and brought out the pet donkeys to say goodbye to their owner. The family were comforted, and it made this funeral start off in a very special way. It takes courage to make things different, and it can really help. This family very kindly gave me permission to take pictures for the website. Another first for the gallery.

Donkey pays respects


Every now and then you get a really lovely rose, and this is one of them. I just felt I had to include this picture, and the larger one of the tribute it came from, as it is so pretty.


Now this is not every ones idea of the perfect vehicle, but if the cap fits……

Pink Daimler hearse

This is quite an old Daimler DS420, which to be honest, are not in demand these days. With the exception of this one. This is the only pink hearse in the country that I know of, and it is based in London where it is very busy. I have used it in 2010, and it was quite something. There is no matching limousine yet (2012).

And for those who like the idea of something other than black, or pink, there are the following.

White, OK if the weather is good,
but they look dirty very quickly if the weather is not good.

Daimler vehicles

Silver, is a very smart colour, and very popular too.

Again these are quite old vehicles, and not greatly sought after these days. Except if you want a different colour. I have to admit to a long love affair with these old monsters. I cut my teeth driving one of these when the family used to have them. Lovely to drive, great to ride in on the back seat (occasional seats for the others) but hateful to wash because they are as big as a small lorry!